Touch support and a new environment incoming with our free update!

Next week Oculus Touch is coming to Rift, and to mark the occasion we'll be launching a free expansion which includes support for the intuitive new controllers AND adds a brand new environment for you to explore and compete in.

The update will be available to download at launch, and it allows you to play all of The Climb's game modes with Oculus Touch. The Climb will be updated with a range of separate leaderboards for this new way to play, and you can find out more about how Oculus Touch changes the gameplay experience in a previous blog here.

In addition to full support for Touch, we're also adding a brand new environment, North. Inspired by the Arctic Circle, this new location is around the size of Canyon and includes two new bouldering challenges plus three difficulty settings. Get ready to scale new heights in an icy wilderness where you'll need to keep your cool as you climb through ice caves and plot your route up dramatic cliffs. This challenging new setting also arrives with new achievements, gear to unlock, Easter eggs, and features a range of new wildlife to check out. We hope you like puffins. (Which you do, obviously, because puffins are awesome.)

Stay tuned for more information on North when we launch this new expansion for free next week.

The Climb Team.

December 01, 2016

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