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The Climb brings alive the excitement and thrill of rock climbing in incredible virtual reality. Players will scale new heights and explore stunning environments in a new gaming experience developed exclusively for VR, using the power of CRYENGINE™.

Base Camp

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First Look: Oculus Touch and The Climb

At this year's E3, we're showing off The Climb with Oculus Touch support to select members of the press for the first time. We're really excited to hear people's take on the experience, and of course,

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Transforming the Grand Canyon into a desert rock climbing playground

Canyon is our third expansive rock climbing playground in The Climb. As you might have guessed, it's inspired by the Grand Canyon in the USA, but again we drew cultural and geographical cues from across America as we developed our idealized environment.

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The Climb Dev Diary 3: Summit is live

In our third and final dev diary for The Climb, members of the team from across different disciplines explore the varied issues they faced as they developed The Climb for VR. The team reveals that “traditional development approaches don't work" in VR and how audio, gameplay and art must come together to put you “in the moment."

The Climb's emphasis on replayability and catering for different styles of play is also discussed. Casual players can approach each rock climbing playground as a “Zen" exploration experience. However, veteran gamers can enjoy the competition, challenge, and depth of a sports game as the multiple ways to beat each ascent drives furious rivalries between friends and on leaderboards. Executive Producer Elijah Freeman says: “I think that's part of the magic of what The Climb is – you can try it ten different ways, and you might be trying to do it with the least amount of grips, or you might be trying to do it as fast as possible. It just depends on how you want to play the game."

We hope you enjoy the dev diary, but as Lead Producer Fatih Özbayram says, “The best way to experience VR is really to put on the headset, because you can't convey the immersion with a 2D video. You can't explain VR actually, you have to experience it yourself."

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The Climb: Real Climbers React To VR

Alps Teaser

The Climb: Game Dev Time Lapse


Fly-Through Footage: Bay

Dev Diary 2: Ascent

Announcement Teaser

The Climb 360°: Bay Ascent

Dev Diary 1: Base Camp


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