The Climb Dev Diary 3: Summit is live

In our third and final dev diary for The Climb, members of the team from across different disciplines explore the varied issues they faced as they developed The Climb for VR. The team reveals that “traditional development approaches don't work" in VR and how audio, gameplay and art must come together to put you “in the moment."

The Climb's emphasis on replayability and catering for different styles of play is also discussed. Casual players can approach each rock climbing playground as a “Zen" exploration experience. However, veteran gamers can enjoy the competition, challenge, and depth of a sports game as the multiple ways to beat each ascent drives furious rivalries between friends and on leaderboards. Executive Producer Elijah Freeman says: “I think that's part of the magic of what The Climb is – you can try it ten different ways, and you might be trying to do it with the least amount of grips, or you might be trying to do it as fast as possible. It just depends on how you want to play the game."

We hope you enjoy the dev diary, but as Lead Producer Fatih Özbayram says, “The best way to experience VR is really to put on the headset, because you can't convey the immersion with a 2D video. You can't explain VR actually, you have to experience it yourself."

May 13, 2016

The Climb Dev Diary 2: Ascent is live

In our second dev diary, key members of the team behind The Climb talk about some of the challenges of creating a beautiful game in VR and how they overcame them.

Hitting 90fps, and the intense level of close-up detail required for a believable VR experience are all covered, alongside some absolutely delicious gameplay footage.

Creating a AAA quality game in VR comes with its own unique set of demands – check out the video and find out the new techniques and processes the team had to adopt to achieve their vision.

The Climb Team

March 22, 2016

Meet the team behind The Climb in our debut Dev Diary

The Climb brings alive the exhilaration and intensity of free solo rock climbing. However, the process of creating the game is a real team effort.

With that in mind, today sees the launch of the first video in our new developer diary series, in which some of the people leading our expedition into VR with The Climb share their insights into the project.

You'll hear about how real rock climbing helped to inspire the game, and why even the earliest prototypes of The Climb had everyone convinced we were on to a winner. The team discuss those moments that really set their hearts racing, and you'll learn about the new mindset required for creating a game in VR.

Check out the video and find out why the team behind The Climb are calling it an “intense" experience which ensures that “if you want to know what it's like to climb a cliff face, you're actually going to get that feeling."

The Climb Team

February 05, 2016

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